Dr.Michael Morrison

In-House Services

As a result of his natural gift of intuition, Dr. Morrison is able to discover conditions, disorders, and diseases, identifying the sequence of cause and effect.
Dr. Morrison has pioneered unique methods and techniques for healing and anti-aging. He also presents a plan of action and options to patients for healthy life style choices.

Dr. Morrison's offers a comprehensive approach using multiple treatment modalities, including:

    - Chiropractic for joint and spinal alignment correction.
    - Kinesiology for biofeedback ( Muscle response testing to prioritize and discover hidden causes).
    - Visceral Manipulation ( Relief of gastro-intestinal distres ).
    - Energetic medicine ( Medical intuition ).
    - Cranial-sacral-TMJ balancing for headaches.
    - Natural professional nutrient supplementation / homeopathic and herbal remedies to optimize metabolic function and restore homeostasis.
    - Physical therapy /Trigger point / ultra-sound / Therapeutic massage / flexion-distraction table to compliment the healing process.
    - NET to free emotional fears, doubts, anxiety, limiting beliefs, misperceptions on conscious / subconscious / unconscious levels.
    - Detoxification and restoration for optimum health by releasing toxins / poisons / chemicals / heavy metals / allergens / pathogens / parasites etc...

Phone consultations

Dr. Morrison offers medical intuitive phone consultations to assist the mind-body systems homeostasis. contact page.