Patient Testimonials

I rank Dr. Morrison at the top of all the healthcare practitioners who have ever helped me. His intuitive and integrative approach is experienced each visit and he offers simple and direct results. Dr. Morrison has provided me with effective support for my general health for over 5 years.

Lou B. Kihei

I can't thank Dr.Morrison enough for all that he has done for my wife and I. He is an amazing doctor and person with such a beautiful gift, which I'm sure isn't always easy to have. Thank you for doing what you do and taking so much time to heal others. Thank you for sharing yourself and the gift that you have. Thank you for helping my wife in so many ways.

Barb. Kihei

Dr. Morrison has given me my life back and made me whole! I am forever grateful. When I came to Dr. Morrison a few months ago he was my last hope. I had liver failure, couldn’t walk and was on all kinds of pain meds. My PCP basically told me, “Decide where you want to be buried, there is nothing else that can be done…” But after the first month of weekly visits with Dr. Morrison, my liver was completely healed and functioning along with many other organs. I am able to walk again and off of all my pain meds except one. I tell everyone about this man.

Tom F. Kihei

I have been a patient of Dr. Morrison's for several years. The physical ailments that initially brought me into his office turned out to be minor in comparison to what he discovered lying deep within my unconscious. Through his unique kinesiology method, and his wealth of knowledge in the physical body; we worked together to uncover the root of my physical pain, my adult acne, dietary needs, and most importantly my spiritual happiness. I am forever grateful.

Melissa R. Kihei

Time and time again Dr. Morrison’s help has been indispensable to me. If ever I need an answer or direction regarding my well being on ANY level, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. I turn to him. I can always rely on Dr. Morrison’s ability to immediately get to the heart of the matter with practical and life-affirming direction. I am truly thankful for the services he provides.

Henry.S. California